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What Can We Offer?

Based on the high-grade and high-end market, our products meet international standards and are mainly exported to the United States, Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries.


Production Capacity

Advanced technology is employed to ensure data control of product materials.
Strict control is implemented at every stage of raw material procurement to ensure traceability.
Prior to production, specialized quality data is certified according to customer requirements to meet various quality and certification demands.


Customization Capability

We have a professional R&D team that can customize fabrics (types, colors, patterns, etc.) according to specific requirements, catering to individualized customer needs.
In response to market demands, we continuously research and develop a wide range of fabrics suitable for various usage scenarios and processes, providing abundant product choices.


Timely Delivery

Fabric communication is completed within 3 days, and sample production is completed within 15 days.
With a stable supply chain, we are able to accurately control production and ensure timely delivery.

Inventory and Supply Capacity

Technical Support and Consulting Guidance

Zhejiang Jiananda Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

Effective Communication and Partnerships

Our team of experienced sales professionals in the fabric industry possesses years of expertise. They can recommend suitable fabrics based on specific requirements.
We have established long-term and stable partnerships with various international brands and companies of diverse backgrounds. This has enabled us to accumulate successful experiences in different international and market settings.

How May We Be of Service to You?

Our constant aim is customer happiness. We are aware that the only way we can prosper is by providing value to our clients. As a result, we are dedicated to understanding our clients' needs, offering premium goods and good services, and forming enduring and reliable partnerships.

Brand owner

Salespersons with fabric related expertise who can recommend suitable fabrics according to needs.

Expert research and development staff capable of tailoring textiles to match the specific requirements of the brand.

Multiple certifications to help enhance brand image and brand influence.

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Fabric comes with various technical specifications and detailed product descriptions, providing support for sales to traders.

We continue to offer an extensive product selection and manufacture different textiles tailored to specific usage scenarios and processes as per market demands.

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Fabric wholesaler

A steady supply chain that manages the period between manufacturing and delivery.

The ideal technique for product quality data control.

Efficient and steady supply capabilities, stable quality, reliable delivery, and after-sales service.

All aspects of raw material procurement are controlled. In addition to traceability, we also prioritize the competitive pricing of raw materials.

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Clothing factory

Early-stage professional quality data and customer demand certification to meet customers' different requirements for quality and certification.

Provide various professional suggestions based on production or clothing needs, and cooperate with factory development to receive orders.

High degree of cooperation, assisting the factory in receiving orders without affecting the factory's production schedule.

Selection is available in stock, and small-batch customization is also welcome.

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We would never reduce what you expected from us.