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What Responsibility and Sustainability Mean to Us And How We've Done It

It is our responsibility to constantly seek better harmony between humans and nature and to create more comfortable and environmentally friendly fashion apparel. We firmly believe that fashion should not be a product of sacrificing the natural environment, but rather a benign development that is good for people and the planet. Therefore, as a pioneer in developing eco-friendly fabrics, we have been constantly researching and exploring the use of more environmentally friendly materials and production processes to ensure that our growing range of sustainable fabrics meets environmental requirements while also providing a healthier and more comfortable wearing experience for our customers. We are committed to creating a healthier, greener, and more sustainable fashion industry and hope to contribute to the future of people and the planet.

  • Use Environmentally Friendly Dyes

    Our focus is on minimizing our impact on the environment and promoting sustainable development. To achieve this, we manage our operations rigorously to consume fewer resources and we implement strict controls on the use of any raw materials that could potentially harm the environment. We opt to directly extract from natural plants to obtain pure, natural dyes that not only reduce the harm of chemical dyes to human body, make full use of natural renewable resources, but also greatly reduce the toxicity of dyeing wastewater. This approach not only ensures utilization of natural resources but also reduces the burden of sewage treatment, ultimately contributing to the protection of our environment.

    Zhejiang Jiananda Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Use GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

    Did you know that 1/3 lb. of chemicals is required to produce just 1 pound of cotton? In the past six decades, the cultivation of cotton has resulted in the widespread use of toxic chemicals. However, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton is a fabric that requires nothing less than what nature intended, that’s mean, it is a natural solution that saves water and is never grown with harmful pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. By choosing Organic Cotton, you not only help the planet bypass unnecessary chemicals and toxins, but you are also reducing the toxic effects of pesticides on the environment. Switch to organic cotton and feel proud that we are making a positive impact on our planet.

    Zhejiang Jiananda Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Recycled Polyester

    Recycled Polyester Fabric is a Post Consumer recycled raw material that is revolutionary in its inception as well as its potential. The polyester fiber is crafted from recycled water, soda, and food containers. It can also be combined with other fibers for comfort, easy care and durability. By choosing recycled polyester, we can complete the cycle and embrace a sustainable future.

    Zhejiang Jiananda Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
  • TENCEL™ Modal

    TENCEL™ Modal is a fiber derived from Beechwood, a natural and renewable raw material commonly used in fabric production. TENCEL™ Modal is responsibly sourced from FSC-certified forests, free of pesticides, and is biodegradable. This luxurious cellulose fiber has a soft, smooth, silky, and light and delicate feel that you can barely feel it. Additionally, due to its moisture absorption and release capabilities, TENCEL™ Modal allows for breathability, promoting comfort for the wearer. Its smooth texture, soft appearance, and ability to showcase brilliant colors make TENCEL™ Modal ideal for creating high-quality apparel.

    Zhejiang Jiananda Textile Technology Co., Ltd.